Welcome to The Varsano - Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv

The Varsano is a luxury-suites hotel located in Neve Tzedek - the first Tel Aviv neighborhood to be built outside of Jaffa, back in 1897.

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Only a three-minute walk to the beach, a stroll-distance from old Jaffa to the south, and the heart of modern Tel Aviv to the north, the hype Neve Tzedek neighborhood, with its fine selection of boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and romantic bars, is the perfect place to stay while visiting Tel Aviv.

Whether you wish to spend a romantic weekend in the city, a family vacation, or if you’re on a business trip, we, at the The Varsano, welcome you, and promise we’ll do our best for you to have an excellent stay.

Our Suites

The Varsano offers our guests a unique, delicately-balanced, combination of contemporary-designed suites in a Mediterranean atmosphere. All built in historical houses, with inner yards and patios, all of our high-standard suites serve the idea of making your stay in Tel Aviv even more relaxing and smooth than one could hope for. We welcome you to stay with us at The Varsano, your urban oasis.

The Area

Neve Tzedek, home of The Varsano, the first and oldest of Tel Aviv neighborhoods, is an isle of history, culture, nightlife and leisure. The picturesque neighborhood is a village within the city, full of restaurants, bars and cafes, small boutiques and galleries. The lively neiborhood is located by the beach, a ten minute walk from Old Jaffa to the south, or from Rothschild Blvd. north-eastward.

The Varsano is a Luxury Suites boutique hotel located in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. The modern-designed, fully-equipped suites, built in historical houses, and the 24-hours concierge are the perfect solution to meet all your needs, ideal for a romantic weekend, family vacations or business trips. The Varsano hotel is an urban oasis, offering contemporary vacation in a mediterranean atmosphere.

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