Follow these 8 Practical Tips to Lose that Extra Fat!

  • Do you stand before your mirror, for hours on end, wishing you were several pounds less your present size? It would be our pleasure to recommend some self-help tips. There are several lose-weight-fast schemes out there today, some of which end up leaving people who follow them worse off than when they started.

    To prevent the relapse that is so commonly testified to by some people making an effort to lose weight, here are ten practical tips that will be instrumental to your losing weight with relative ease. These tips have been professionally proven as a practical guide on how to lose weight safely; if you judiciously follow as recommended.

    1.Avoid no-breakfast diets

    Some people who grew up having such family rituals of not having breakfasts; being comfortable with this is likely because their physiology has adjusted to this pattern. However, if you make a sudden decision to skip breakfasts in a bid to lose weight, the emotional stress of relapse is in the offing. Not having the essential nutrients that ought to have come with breakfast may force you to eat more than necessary during lunch and dinner.

    2.Having steady patterns of feeding

    When you have stipulated periods of the day for meals, it becomes easy to avoid the tendency of you snacking unnecessarily, or binge eating. Because meals then become a voluntary activity to which you look forward, instead of the compulsive eating indulged in by many.

    3.Cut down on food ration sizes

    With your feeding now becoming purposeful, going a step further to reduce the ration of food you eat per meal would also be helpful. However, do not go cutting off huge portions that will leave your body in shock, just enough to keep you till the next meal will do.

    4.Increase the proportion of fruit and vegetable in food rations

    Incorporating fruits and vegetables into each meal will be the most significant plus in your effort at losing weight. If for nothing else, their minerals and vitamins content possess excellent antioxidative properties.


    A gym subscription might not be necessary; being active is all that matters. Take a walk, mow the lawn, wash your car, do some sit-ups in your living room.

    6.Be sufficiently hydrated

    Keeping hydrated will most times save you from the temptation of eating between meals. Taking sufficient fluids (water mainly), is an advice you cannot avoid overlooking. If you want a drink that has taste, coffee or tea are good alternatives.

    7.Consume more roughages

    What are roughages? – Well, that is the nutritionist’s jargon for food fiber. Fruits, cereals and, vegetables that contain high fiber take longer to digest, thus giving your body the illusion of being filled for a more extended period.

    8.Be selective when grocery shopping

    Now that you have decided to work on your weight, you need to be intentional when shopping for groceries. Learn how to read product labels, avoid stocking junk foods.