Herbalife Reviews Show Happy Customers and Employees

It’s harder than ever to stay fit these days, and a lot of that comes down to not knowing what to do to live a healthier life. Herbalife Nutrition is dedicated to giving people access to good nutrition and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Each customer needs personalized attention to understand the nutrients they need and how to better integrate those into their lives. Herbalife independent distributors help guide each customer on a customize plan to eat better, focus on specific nutrients, while also increasing physical activity. This approach helps customers to make better choices for better wellness.

Herbalife is a market leader for nutritional supplements and meal replacements. The company has existed for 40 years because of its high-quality products and its independent distributors who create supportive communities. Every day, four million people drink Herbalife shakes. Each of those is sold by a distributor who cares about their customers’ health and will help personalize the experience through one on one coaching. For first-time customers, there is an initial wellness session to identify goals, needs, and challenges.

Meal replacements are the products that Herbalife is best known for. These help with a healthier lifestyle by being highly nutritious and convenient to drink. They have scientifically been found to be helpful to customers who want to manage their weight more closely.

Herbalife shakes

Getting Herbalife

For those interested in a healthier lifestyle using the Herbalife approach, the first step is to connect with an independent distributor. Often, this happens when a distributor has a fit club or nutrition club and the customer is invited. Or, the distributor may be a friend or a co-worker. The nutrition clubs help new customers try the Herbalife products and to meet others who are trying to make positive changes in their lives. In the U.S., there are more than 6,000 of these clubs, so it’s easy for customers to find one near them.

Working for Herbalife

With today’s increased interest in wellness, Herbalife is a company that delivers on the promises of better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to its independent distributors, it also offers career opportunities to a wide range of workers. There are marketing pros, developers, packaging technicians, scientists, IT personnel, HR professionals and managers, among other career paths. People from all walks of life want to work for Herbalife, and many do so for decades. Many employees start working for Herbalife thinking it’s just for a short period of time and then like it so much they stay for years.

Herbalife Reviews from Employees

There are many ways today to rate a business for its employment opportunities and corporate culture. It’s common for people to go online and give a review of a workplace through a large, third-party opinion aggregator. Glassdoor and Indeed are two such aggregators. Thousands of people review their workplaces through them, and the average of those is the company’s star rating as an employer. On Indeed, Herbalife has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. These Herbalife reviews come from virtually every corner of the company and reflect the varying, personal opinions of employees.

On Glassdoor, many aspects of a job are rated. The CEO of Herbalife has an 87% approval rating, and 75% of those who rated the company recommend it for employment. These ratings are on par with many other large companies, including a 72% recommendation rate for Edward Jones and a 3.9-star rating for Bristol Meyers Squibb. It’s recommended by so many people that the company just keeps growing.