Tel Aviv Restaurants

From street food to high-end chef Tel Aviv restaurants, farmers’ markets to elegant food boutiques or cafés by daytime to bars and late-night hangouts after the sun goes down, Tel Aviv is a heaven for those who seek culinary attractions.

Dallal Restaurant

Whether you feel like morning pastries and coffee or a full bistro Dinner within two minutes walk from your suite - the Dallal is what you’re looking for.

Dallal Bakery

The french pastries at the Dallal restaurant, all baked inhouse are so tempting you might find yourself changing your plans for the day, and just sit outside all day long. Don’t say we didn't warn you.

Dallal Restaurant

The bar and dining hall at the fashionable restaurant are perfect for dinner, night hangout, or a drink before going to bed, and you don’t even need a ride back to bed.

Dallal Restaurant

If you’re thinking about a second Croissant and one more cup of coffee, the french bistro menu at Dallal has to go to the top of your considerations. Food doesn’t stop with the pastries, and lunch time is soon, not to mention that dinner should not be overlooked.

Anita Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great refreshing option in the long summer days, and the varieties at Anita’s, just a short walk from your suite, are unbeatable.

Vicky Christina

Should you find yourself exploring the Tachana old station complex, don’t miss Vicky Christina restaurant, a drink under the tree or full dinner in the hype place are a must.

Manta Ray

Rarely one can find a restaurant that is both in prime location and serves supreme food. Manta Ray is one of Tel Aviv’s best and most famous culinary spots, and probably the best by the sea. The mazettes are perfect, the seafood is amazing.

Manta Ray

Not only for the food, Manta ray is a lovely well-detailed space.

Rothschild 12

One of the hypest bars in Tel Aviv and the last of a respectable list of restaurants by the same owners; the bar at this rundown 101 years old building on 12 Rothschild Blvd. is a great example of the Tel Aviv nightlife.

Café 12

The daytime twin of the Rothschild 12 bar, the cafe is a lovely spot to have light food while watching the crowds on the boulevard.

Café Suzanna

The balcony under the tree of Café Suzanna, just outside the Suzanne Dallal Center is a top spot for a lunch break on a hot day, or just a coffee on the go. The specialties are local mediterranean and middle-eastern foods.

Sometimes one wonders whether Tel Aviv is really a city, or one huge hangout place. It seems that locals do nothing but sitting in cafes, restaurants and bars from early morning hours till the wee small hours of the night.
Within 10 minutes walk from the Varsano you can find any kind of food you’re thinking of, for any kind of mood you’re in, or any kind of company combination. From the national food – The Falafel, through plates of Humus, Tehina, or eggplants in various ways of making in local Middle Eastern restaurants, to fancy Neve Tzedek restaurants and any kind of international food, be it Indian or American, Italian or French.

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