Neve Tzedek

Whatever made Tel Aviv a global city, or a touristic target if we may, is evident all around The Varsano. The Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the crowds on the beach, The mystery of Old Jaffa, the international-styled Rothschild Blvd., the nightlife, the people - the spirit.

The Beach

Ranked #3 in the 10 Best Beaches by Condé Nast's Traveller Magazine, April 2010, it’s only a few minutes walk to the nearby Alma beach, just across the road from The Varsano. One can stroll along the promenade all the way to the metzizim beach up north. Thousands of locals and tourists spend time by the sea all along the (long) summer.

Rothschild Blvd.

The “Heart” of Tel Aviv, where one can stroll all the way from Neve Tzedek on one end to the Philharmonic Hall and The “Habima” national theater hall on the other. Fashionable cafés and restaurants are scattered all along it's route.

Suzanne Dallal Center

The epicenter of Neve Tzedek is the Suzanne Dallal cultural center, home of the world-famous Batsheva dance company. The spanish-styled square is a lovely spot to rest, either with a cup of coffee or some ice-cream from one of the nearby Ice-cream shops. Many cultural events take place in the halls here, inquiries will be answered by our concierge gladly.

Suzanne Dallal Center

Another view of the square at Suzanne Dallal reveals the typical Mediterrenean fruit trees - the Citrons, the Tangerins and the towering palm trees.

HaTachana (Station Complex)

The recently-opened shopping and entertainment complex at the first Jaffa train station, which was inagurated in 1892, is right at the back of The Varsano Hotel. The complex offers unique gift and design shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafés, all reside inside the beautifully renovated warehouses of the historic train station.

The Carmel Market

The main fresh-produce market, the Carmel, is a vivid and crowded market, where trucks unload every morning crates of fresh fruits and vegetables. The market starts at the northwest end of Neve tzedek, some 5 minutes walk from The Varsano, and climbs slowly to Allenby street.

The Carmel Market

Mid-day at the market shows the crowds hunt for bargains in the top part of the market, where the fruits and vegetables are replaced by clothing and kitchen utensils stores.

Shabazi St.

This picturesque street is the main entertainment district of Neve Tzedek, full of little boutiques, cafés, wine bars and restaurants.

The Russian Embassy Building

The historical and wonderfully renovated building, located on 46 Rothschild Blvd., served as the Russian Embassy between the years 1948-1953. The building was originally built in 1924 as a private residency.

The Levinsky Market

A short walk east of Neve Tzedek, to the Florentin neighborhood, you will find the dried goods market on Levinsky street. The neighborhood was initially inhibitated by immigrants from Greece, a fact that is still evident inside the small shops, where one can get spices, dried figs, salty fish of any kind or Balkan cheese.

Tel Aviv at sunset

A bird's-eye view from the Shalom tower, the first high-rise building to be built in tel Aviv, back in 1961, and the tallest in the middle east for many many years. The current view reveals the change of the city skyline in recent years.

Kiosk-Café on Rothschild Blvd.

Sometimes one wonders whether Tel Aviv is really a city or just one huge café. Few cities around the globe can rival the number of cafés in Tel aviv, and the time locals spend sitting in them.

The Varsano

Typical historic house in Neve Tzedek, which is a part of The Varsano Hotel complex.

The Varsano hotel is the perfect location to get to know Tel Aviv. Within a distance walk one can reach almost any atrraction in the city. Whether you’re in the mood for a day by the sea, a visit to the sites of the historical Old Jaffa, with its vivid port, the flea market or the religious spots, if you want to explore the International-style architecture of the heart of Tel Aviv, or you just feel like a relaxing stroll in the small romantic streets of Neve Tzedek – all you have to do is step out of the door of your suite, and start walking.

The Varsano is a Luxury Suites boutique hotel located in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. The modern-designed, fully-equipped suites, built in historical houses, and the 24-hours concierge are the perfect solution to meet all your needs, ideal for a romantic weekend, family vacations or business trips. The Varsano hotel is an urban oasis, offering contemporary vacation in a mediterranean atmosphere.

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